I welcome you to my practice and to the therapeutic journey.  I have a great appreciation for the courage and energy it can take to reach out and ask for help, and to share your personal story, particularly during difficult times when your energy may be depleted.  You may feel anxious and overwhelmed, and wonder if therapy will be helpful.  These thoughts and feelings are very common.

I seek to provide a safe physical and emotional space where you can find the respite, discovery and reflection needed for healing and growth

Foundations of my practice include helping individuals to:

  • Navigate significant life transitions while maintaining a sense of self and healthy relationships with others.
  • Find growth and meaning in dark times.
  • Identify and name personal strengths that can be drawn upon for solving current problems and meeting ongoing challenges.
  • Accept and integrate conflictual parts of their experience and self so that they can move forward with increased self-awareness, self-appreciation and openness to experience.
  • Live life as their most authentic self through
    awakening the personal energy and wisdom that they already possess.
  • Develop present moment awareness and joy through integrating mindfulness and meditation practices.

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